GRANNY SMITH - Fruit of medium-large size.  The skin is green in color with white speckles.  Its flesh is white-green, firm and crisp.  It’s a juicy apple and the taste is sour.  It can be preserved at room temperature up to 7 months and can be prolonged with temperature controlled chambers.






GOLDEN DELICIOUS - Elongated fruit of medium weight.  Yellow green or golden yellow skin and a rosy face is the characteristic of the Golden Delicious apple.  Its flesh is yellowish and juicy.  Its taste is crispy, sweet and sour.  It can be conserved at room temperature for 5 months when kept with humidity between 0 to 90 degrees.




BRAEBURN - Fruit of medium-large size.  Fifty percent of the body is covered by a dark green shade.  Its flesh is crisp, juicy and sugary. The taste is sweet and it conserves its quality when kept in cold for 5 to 6 months.






FUJI - Fruit of medium-large size. Forty percent of its skin is light green.  Its yellowish flesh is crisp, juicy and very sweet.  It maintains its firmness when kept cool for 5 to 6 months.





ROYAL GALA - Gala is a fruit of medium size.  A two-color variety, which shows a yellow tarnish on half the body when ripe. The flesh is yellowish and juicy.  Gala is a dessert apple and its taste, texture and aroma is maintained for a period of three months.





RED DELICIOUS - Medium in size, the Red Delicious is 70% covered with red stripes.  Its flesh is white yellowish, juicy, aromatic and sweet.   It can be conserved at a conventional environment from 0 to 90 degrees, maintaining its flavour, color and taste for up to 7 months.




PINK LADY - Also known as Cripp’s Pink is a fruit of medium to large size.  Almost half of the skin is covered by a pink to red shade.  Its flesh is white and creamy.  A crisp apple, juicy and sweet in taste.  It can be conserved for 5 months under cold conventional chambers.